What is a Resident Sentiment Survey?

    The RSS is an annual survey that engages residents, who need to be recognized as destination stakeholders, to gather their opinions on a yearly basis around themselves and the visitor economy, the visitor economy in general, the visitor and the environment, and the management of the visitor economy in the county. Many destinations are moving towards developing Resident Sentiment Surveys (RSS) to better understand the challenges and opportunities residents face because of the visitor economy.

    Missed the link to the survey?  Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COH-ResidentSentimentSurvey

    Why do a Resident Sentiment Survey?

    Every destination with a successful, sustainable and well-managed visitor economy shares one common trait. They all have proud and industrious citizens who rally other residents around common goals and values to build a better future for their communities and local industries. There are no exceptions. 

    To build stronger communities based on what residents want, the first step is to truly understand what their goals and values are, empirically. That’s why destinations and tourism organizations of all sizes are developing resident sentiment surveys that provide the necessary data to benchmark, track and address evolving public opinion year-over-year.

    The RSS will take place yearly, which will allow for continuous measurement and benchmarking to ensure a community-based approach to tourism development is successful.

    Missed the link to the survey?  Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COH-ResidentSentimentSurvey

    What is the Goal of the RSS?

    1. The goal of the Resident Sentiment Survey is to collect resident sentiment on the visitor economy (i.e. tourism) to inform decision-making around developing the visitor economy and managing the County of Haliburton as a destination.

    2. The visitor economy is a significant economic driver in many communities, including the Haliburton Highlands. As this sector of the economy grows, there is a need to regularly engage residents to ensure the visitor economy is supporting the community.
    3. Haliburton Highlands' 5-year Destination Management Plan identified the development of a Resident Sentiment Survey to benchmark and track local attitudes about the tourism industry and its impact on the local economy and overall quality of life. The RSS provides the necessary data to benchmark, track and address changes in the opinion of residents year-over-year.

    Missed the survey link?  Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/COH-ResidentSentimentSurvey

    How many people participated in the 1st RSS?

    In total, 629 residents – full-time and seasonal – participated in the survey, which was online for a total of two weeks. Fully funded by the Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization’s Tourism Relief Fund, the timing on this pilot project was tight but it nonetheless provided us with valuable feedback. Going forward, we plan on releasing a new Resident Sentiment Survey every year for the next four years, with more time (approximately 10-12 weeks) given to complete it to encourage as many people as possible to participate.  

    Our goal was to reach 250 - 300 so we were thrilled with the response rate.  Thank you to those who particiapted.

    When will the full RSS report be available?

    The RSS Final Report will be presented to Council in May 2023.